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The Number One Product we all need to survive is water.

 To THRIVE we need Clean, Pure, Fresh WATER!

Will ONLY, THE BEST suit you?

The World want The BEST!

The Most Alkaline Water is what the Medical and Health industry are after!

Douglas McCoy


Doug McCoy is Known as the ReCreation King by many. He has gone through a lot in his life, and for every challenge or problem, he successfully finds a way to get through.

Douglas McCoy has learned life’s hard lessons firsthand and has experienced every bit of pain and suffering going through the process. So he has decided to help people by saving them the time, effort, and suffering of going through these life challenges themselves, giving them a heads up to face the future with smart decisions.

Doug has discovered that there are two ways to learn in life:

One can learn through experiencing problems themselves.
One can learn from other people’s experiences and save all the time and suffering.


It is drinking water in its most natural and raw from. It is the way nature intended drinking water to be. Spring water has great, refreshing taste. Coffee, tea and other beverages prepared from it taste great too.


For decades, the Naboutolu villagers using this spring water have been known to live for more than a 100 years and the average age for people using it is around 91 years. This has been attributed to the high alkalinity of the water from this source.


Natural spring water is free of any toxins. It has the ideal mineral composition required by the human body.The best spring water delivery service provides naturally alkaline water


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